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 Promotion to Co-Admin :)?

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The Mist

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PostSubject: Promotion to Co-Admin :)?   Tue Feb 26, 2008 6:26 am

applying for co-admin since we don't have one anymore?
can we count dep? he isn't on alot, is he xD?

Name:The Mist/Ollie/Oliver
Best Qualities:strict, fun, active, eager to help ^^
Ever run a site before:tiny school projects, nothing big but i know how the thing works.
Why you'd make a great Co-Admin: i contribute a lot to the forum? am i right Smile?
and im strict, fun, active, eager to help ^^. also i can be VERY angy or pissed off if some one is constantly spamming ect. you know what i mean Wink
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Promotion to Co-Admin :)?
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